MOTD3. An awesome time in the mountains

November 13, 2006

MOTD3 in 2005 was a great event. Hundreds of MINI roaming the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. There was plenty of stuff to do at this event and the largest turnout I have seen for the parade run. Great food was brought in by Smokeys bbq and the Thursday night rain made for a nice relaxing foggy Friday morning. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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What drivers ed doesn’t teach you

November 13, 2006

October ’04 I signed up for a Phil Wicks event at Nashville Superspeedway. Oh my. Talk about a rush. My first session out I was without instructor so I was a sweating wreck behind the wheel trying to keep up. My next session was the instructors time to ride with me. The instructors at Phil Wich Academy are great. I learned a lot.

It was said that you will not push yourself more than 80% of your capability. It’s true. At the end of the day I was able to smoothly and more consistently run quicker than I ever thought I could earlier in the day.

Link to 22mb video.

Finally made the Dragon in ’04

November 13, 2006

In 2004 I was determined to make the Dragon, MOTD2, and slacked up a little but was able to find a room in Robbinsonville. It was a great time. Seeing all the MINI’s, including the yet to be released Convertible brought down by MINIUSA. The parade run was great though I did learn at that time I wanted better tires than the stock runflats. But I still had some learning to do. Later on that. I was only able to stay for Thursday and Friday but that was a good thing considering the brake alert light came on during the trip to the dragon. It was only a sensor failed but all was good as we ran by MINI of Nashville on the way home and they fixed it.

My favorite part of the MOTD event was being out early and hearing the due drip from the trees and hearing the whine of superchargers in the background. And I can’t forget about being on top of the dam early in the morning. A very peaceful place.

Here are some pics of MOTD2.

It all started………..

November 13, 2006

…. sometime early 2002. I heard about the MINI Cooper in Automobile magazine and right then called the nearest dealership. It was MINI of Nashville but the building was not yet complete. Eventually in September I took a trip up there and decided I had to have one. A BRG/B MCS even though that color was not on the lot. I came home and searched the web for information and ran across MINI Cooper Online, now known as North American Motoring or NAM for short and joined the online MINI community.

I finally ordered in January 03, after they decided to sell at MSRP and it arrived in May. Unfortunately two weeks after the first official MINI’s on the Dragon(MOTD). At the time there was only one MINI around my area and we eventually hooked up later that year. And thus started a MINI addiction.

My specs were BRG/B, sunroof, anthracite dash, cloth seats and driving lights.