Dragon 2007

June 10, 2007

Finally getting around to sitting down and putting in my thoughts on this years MOTD. I headed up Thursday with some friends and had a great time before we left Sunday. Bamatt and I put together a dinner for those who, like us, didn’t get our tickets for the welcome dinner soon enough. Thanks to others that came with food and supplies the dinner was a hit and filled some stomachs along the way.

Friday morning as usual I headed up to Fontana dam for some nice views of the mountains in the morning. Then headed down the dragon for some fun. This is the first time in my four events where the roads didn’t seem overly busy. It was clean for some nice driving……and driving we did.

Saturday brought some rain but you have to rest sometime. Right? It gave us a chance to walk around and check out some vendors and see what we needed to blow money on. Luckily, not much was spent this year.

All in all the event was great. A little too commercialized but none the less a great time around all the other MINIs and MINI owners.

You can check out a few pictures on Flickr. Also, Greenblur made a video of one of the runs so I uploaded it for him to Google. You can find the video here. I’m the one in front of him.


It’s that time of year again……

December 21, 2006

Christmas is upon us once again.  So I dug up an old video I made a few years back when I had time to play my favorite computer racing simulation.  It’s a take off on Ferrari and its prancing horse.  Hope everyone has a wonderful, yet safe, holidays in the coming weeks.  Video

What drivers ed doesn’t teach you

November 13, 2006

October ’04 I signed up for a Phil Wicks event at Nashville Superspeedway. Oh my. Talk about a rush. My first session out I was without instructor so I was a sweating wreck behind the wheel trying to keep up. My next session was the instructors time to ride with me. The instructors at Phil Wich Academy are great. I learned a lot.

It was said that you will not push yourself more than 80% of your capability. It’s true. At the end of the day I was able to smoothly and more consistently run quicker than I ever thought I could earlier in the day.

Link to 22mb video.