Last weekend I ran in the local autocross event. In hopes of getting some practice and more knowledge so maybe I can run the full season next year locally. It turned out to be a very nice day. It was sunny with the temperature in the mid 50’s. The supercharger loved it. Because of the low turn out, 48 cars, we were able to get 6 runs in.

The first 3 runs before lunch weren’t bad though I was getting quite a bit of understeer. After messing with the tire pressures I was convinced it was due to my recent mod. The M7 strut brace. The product is great and I plan to keep using it. The problem was that it put a little more understeer into the car which I had removed with the rear swaybar. So during lunch I removed it as it was easier to do than adjust the swaybar.

After lunch, the other 3 runs were held and I felt more comfortable with the cars handling. While under steer with the M7 strut brace feels great on the road. During autocross I like to have a little over steer so the car can be tossed around more freely. I dropped my times down around a second compared to before lunch to a best time of 64.617. Enough to finish 3rd in my class. Those Subaru’s are fast and the drivers more experienced that I. But it felt good to be running against them and they keep me pushing for more.

Here are links to the results. I’m STX #6. Final Pax Raw


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  1. twisybitz says:

    I enjoyed reading all your posts. Looks like you improved your times nicely. Where did this autocross take place, looks like SoCal?

    I have a lot of neat stuff on my blog also, hope you drop by. RB

  2. twisybitz says:

    BTW, Don’t the all black have usually have black mirrors? That’s different.

  3. SB says:

    The events I run are ran by Twickenham Auto Club in Huntsville, Alabama. http://teamtac.org Thanks for reading.

    I added the white mirror caps to change up the solid color.

  4. brad says:

    sweet MINI man. i surfed over from motoringfun. i’ve got an ’06 AB/B R50 with chrome caps. these cars looks so nice in all black. dig your wheels too!

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