Added a little accent to the solid Astro black

I was wanting a stripe but was not sure which color to use. Then it came to me. White. Not a normal choice for an all Astro black MINI but who likes normal anyways? I had a white stripe installed and ordered a set of white mirror covers from an user on NAM. I like it. It looks different to have white on a car that does not have a white top. I also fixed up a hood scoop grill and painted it to match the stripes.  Also, for autocross, I had some meatballs made up while getting the stripe.  I don’t recommend running magnets all the time.  It’s not good for the paint.

I also added a M7 strut bar. Mainly because of the rough roads around here and I’m running 17’s. I was a little worried about all the mushrooming I have heard come up lately in discussions. I haven’t had the opportunity to fully see how the bar works but I like how it makes the car a little more firm feeling in the front when I hit a bump. Maybe my imagination but I like it none the less. 🙂 Plus, I added the stripe from the hood to the M7 bar.

Click picture for more pictures.


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