Another great MINIs on the Dragon. MOTD4

We, Rocket City MINI, had several members make the event this year. It was a nice event even though the rain kept the roads wet for the most part. It seemed almost every MINI vendor came to this event this year. Which is a good thing for those in my area of the US. Huntsville, Alabama. There aren’t any MINI vendors around here so I took the opportunity to have Detroit Tuned installe a 15% and 2% pulley on my 06 MCS that I sold my 03 MCS for in October 05. Chad did a wonderful job and quick as well.

While there I picked up some cool eyes for myMINI from Stoopidgirl of Rogue MINIs. All in all it was a great event though I would like to see a little seperation of the personal and the business side next year. It was nice to get what I went for but at the same time it was a little conjested in some areas where businesses were placed.

Here are some shots from MOTD4. I can hardly wait until MOTD5. We already have our cabin booked at Fontana.

Click picture for more pictures.


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